Practicing Medicine Without a License

A woman from Florida is facing allegations of falsifying her nursing license as well as her doctorate degree.

The investigation into her background started when Ponte Vedra Home Care attempted to determine whether or not her license was still active. They were unable to resolve whether she was licensed or not, so they notified the Department of Health.

As the investigation began, it was soon discovered that not only had she created  an alleged fake advanced registered nurse practitioner license, but also had an alleged fake plaque from the Trustees of the Mayo Clinic on display in her office.

She claims this is a huge misunderstanding and stems from a partnership agreement dispute over money. However, she is now being held on bond while additional charges are pending.

As a healthcare professional, it’s important to make sure your license applications and credentials are truthful, honest, and up-to-date as serious disciplinary proceedings or even criminal charges can be brought.  Also, as a healthcare employer, it is important to ensure proper licensing and credentialing of any employees or partners in joint practice. At Sharp & Cobos, LLP, we handle all aspects of licensure applications, renewals and credentialing as well as contract reviews. Contact us today at 512-473-2265 and we may be able to help you in your current matter.